Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Embroideries - Cartoon Version (vaguely NSFW)

If you add warm weather, a broken sewing machine and moving together into a food processor, apparently the end product is lots of time to embroider.  Again, not being artistic or having a creative bone in my body, I browsed around for some other people's talent to appropriate

Sebastien Millon - he has great/fun/mildly psychotic art, with lots of adorable bunnies, bears and kitties.  My husband is a Disney lover all the way, but I couldn't resist this one fun poking at Mickey. 3" hoop.

My husband also has a coworker who is getting married next month, who I haven't met, but they are having an Adventure Time themed wedding (to   think I'd never heard of it a couple months ago) and made the gender switched version of the main characters grabbed from a picture somebody posted of an invitation to another wedding somebody had on their fridge (aka source - kinda beats the hell out of me).

It's a fantastic cartoon, if you haven't seen it and have a sense of humor, you should really do so.

Originally I had a much more cluttery plan - The bride and groom also worked on Magic: The Gathering, and I had some elements of that in there too.  This is one place the Pilot Frixion pens really failed me.  I made the mistake of sketching all of it at the beginning, and couldn't get all the traces of shiny white off the fabric for the elements I didn't use, even though I hand washed it twice :(

Had issues stretching it really taut too, but all in all I'm not unpleased with how it turned out. 10" hoop.

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