Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings & a Giveaway Winner

Scrappy blocks in progress
My company is gone and the house is quiet again.  I will not admit how late I stayed up making scrappy pieced things last night.   I will not admit that I don't know what I'm going to do with them either.

The giveaway - I was amazed everybody actually answered the question!  The winner was JMF who's favorite band in High School was Creedence Clearwater Revival.  I happen to be fond of some of their songs myself.   Her and her husband have a small buffalo herd, how cool is that?  I am envious of their chickens too, but I know I can have chickens if I want, so I should probably keep my mouth shut. 

Leslie Grainger's Pretty Paisley
I made a small order for some fabric from Equilter.com over the weekend- I'd never browsed them before but there was a particular fabric I was looking for that they carried, and I found they had a few color choices of Melody Miller typewriters and Madrona Road's memoir which has been out of stock anytime I was placing an order elsewhere.  They have some cute Japanese prints too, so although it's a bit hard to browse their online shop due to their oddly organized sections, I'll probably be back.

I was productive on Saturday while I had the house to myself - I pieced a back for a baby quilt, put a couple of hours into my Totally Groovy quilt, started a padded dining table cover (with NOT a lot of fabric planning ahead of time, which means it might not turn out - note to self, look for some books/articles about choosing color/print combinations) and even got some paper piecing worked on.

Two things that came out of the weekend, my lanyard from the game convention has a clip at the end, and although its not long enough to reach everything I need to use it for, I can easily release it, and it does reach my sewing machine just fine to clip things.  No more having to go fetch scissors, cause even though I have 4 small pairs, I usually have left somewhere I'm not.

Secondly, my husband brought home a plushie crab monster...they were giving them away "freeze dried" vacuum packed in plastic...  I'm pretty sure that its going to go sit up on a shelf in his room soon here.  It has scary teeth.

Ponzu checking out the new house member

My list of in progress projects is getting out of hand, and my list of projects I WANT to do...phew.  I haven't started on Christmas projects yet and it's already September isn't it?

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  1. I've wondered about that equilter site. They have some fun stuff in their sale section.