Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coaster of the Month - September

I thought this month I would work on trying some more detail oriented free motion quilting.  I'm getting the feeling I'll have more luck at big sweeping designs than the more intricate ones, its pretty difficult to judge just where the needle is sometimes.

I've seen some people cut off part of the plastic at the bottom of their quilting feet so they can see where they are going in certain directions, and I might have to do that too.

Going to have try harder to find interesting coaster patterns if I want to keep this up, I think my goal should be to make awesome coasters, not just get something done each month ;) With all the quilts I'm in the middle of I think I'm getting a bit scattered.

I used the Heart Paisley design at the Free Motion Quilting Project.  If you haven't checked the website out, its got tons of patterns and advice on FMQ and quilting in general.  Now I'm a bit more prepared to re-look at some of the FMQ books I just scanned before, I wasn't ready to absorb any of the information then.

Its telling to look at the back of my FMQ is - messy and tangled, I'm guessing I can use that in the future to judge how much care I take when quilting.

This originally had two full rows of hearts on each side but the piece of binding I had already prepared was too small so I trimmed and trimmed until I ended up with this.  Hence the uneven rectangular ;)   My bindings getting somewhat better (from the front at least),  I'm even happy with 3 of the corners.

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