Thursday, September 6, 2012

Totally Groovy QAL Progress

Moda Bella Solids
Fig Tree Wheat
Summer House Lime

The Totally Groovy Quilt Along is well under way.  I chose to try Moda Bella Solids for the first time, carries them so I ordered from there.  Then it turned out they didn't have several of my top color picks, so this is what I ended up with.   

No I did NOT expect this to be so bright.  Yes I DO have the color card sitting right here in front of me so there's no reason on earth that I should not have known better.

Summer House Lime was my fourth choice of a green after a few much paler choices.  Fig Tree Wheat was just picked out of frustration!  I really needed to start from scratch once it started getting too far from my plan.  I certainly failed at accomplishing the subtle sun bleached colors  I intended, maybe I can get it done before the rainy season and leave it out in the sun for a week?

It's going together pretty quickly, though I'm not having as much success with curves as most people seem to be having - perhaps I should've waited for all the curve sewing tutorials for the QAL and read them ;)

The most ironic thing is that it's the pale Butter color that is glowing oddly and standing out in the worst way to me, possibly because of where it is placed in the quilt.  I mean, my whole living/dining room IS painted in Summer House Lime more or less, and my bedroom is a more subdued Mustard so I can't say bright colors put me off too much.  I do wish the colors were closer to the color chip montage at the top of the page.

Anyway, maybe I will like it more when it's all put together, not sure I could like it less!

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  1. Lovely combination, Ali and I'm sure it'll look stunning when they're all pieced together. Can't wait to see your finished top!