Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Patchwork Prism QAL

Sweet diesel designs is doing a quilt-a-long that starts today.   I am going to do it - why, I don’t know (oh I do, it's for the really unlikely chance that my quilting skills trump a couple hundred more experiences quilters and I end up with an amazing quilt that wins me a new sewing machine that can actually be used for quilting).
The quilt that is the focus of the QAL is a pattern made by Anna Maria Horner for Janome

The schedule is the following
  • april 24: choosing your fabric
  • may 8: making templates and cutting your fabric
  • may 22: laying out your quilt and sewing
  • june 5: quilting
  • june 12: wrapping it all up and then the party begins…linky party that is…
  • june 26: submissions are due for the grand prizes!
I've got a jump on cutting some of my fabric.  I complained in the past that I've no idea how I'm supposed to make amazing quilts without a stash of great (and coordinating) fabrics. Luckily with my fabric order for an upcoming quilt I'm working on gave me more options, but I realize that there is a big flaw in my purchasing.  I am irresistibly drawn to bold and bright prints, both in fabric and clothing.  I can pick solids, but I overlook buying coordinating smaller prints -  the only reason I really have any at all are because some came in the fat quarter bundles I got.

If I was in doubt of this, it was confirmed when I started browsing around to check out the "storyboards" of fabrics I have bought.  One example is above. I purchased the two larger scale prints from the Stork Maman line, and it wouldn't have occurred to me to get any of those other seven fabrics because they don't scream "I'M SO PRETTY!!!! I am going to have to really pay attention to this in the future.

I'd just buy bundles but:
1. they are more expensive per yard
2. there's always a couple fabrics in them that I don't like

I can tell this will be my biggest challenge with this QAL. That quilt is nice to look at partially because it is made up of so many lovely subtle designs, and most of my fabrics are going to be fighting for attention with each other.

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