Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fatquartershop.com review

I thought I'd write mini reviews of some of the shops I order from.

Even though I haven't actually received an order per se, I'm starting with The Fat Quarter Shop  for two reasons, one is they are participating in the patchwork prism QAL that I am doing by giving a 20% discount with coupon code AnnaMariaQAL from April 24th until May 8th.  Reason two is because I won a jelly roll/rolie polie from a giveaway they sponsored at www.livingwithpunks.com.

There were two jelly rolls given away and I was the lucky winner of the Apple of my Eye one by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs (what a mouthful!) Now I've never worked with charm squares or layer cakes or jelly rolls before so they've remained a bit of a mystery to me, but now I know jelly rolls are 2.5" wide strips of fabric that run the length of the fabric, which is generally 44-45" for quilting fabric.  The roll includes all 24 prints in the apple of my eye line.

So I got the emails from Susan telling me I was a winner on her blog, and Stephanie at the FQS asking for my information on Friday.  The jelly roll arrived on MONDAY. The fact that they're so prompt about shipping something I didn't even pay for bodes really well for them. I know I can get frustrated when I order fabric and it doesn't even ship for several days.  The jelly roll was protected with a small sealed plastic bag too so the fabric was still pristine.

I've browsed the shop many times before, but hadn't paid a ton of attention to some of the details - they ship orders before 3 pm EST the same day.  They are backed up on orders right now and CLEARLY state this in a shipping note above your cart, so there's no surprises, which is awesome.  Free shipping with orders over $200 (gulp) but their shipping rates are reasonable.  You can even ask to be notified when one of their "coming soon" fabrics become available. So if I can get my cart to work (as it seems to be being really fickle right now), their customer service impressed me enough that I'll be getting some more fabric to flesh out the rest of my patchwork prism quilt.

If I have to say one negative thing is that they don't carry a good number of fabric that I want, which means I can't do one stop shopping.  Ironically they don't sell Anna Maria Horner fabrics either.

On a last fabric note about the Apple of my Eye line - I was a bit worried about how to deal with the fabric itself - I always pre-wash, and this line has everything from pure white to pure red and has combined red white and blue in some of them.  I have had issues with both red and blue running in multicolored cloth so far, so I separated anything with those two colors to hand wash them first, and some red dye did come out in the water.  Now I just have to figure out what to make with it!

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