Sunday, September 10, 2017

Paper Pieced Tree Frog

I always find it a bit challenging to make a thing I'm not passionate about, I've learned to say no to making things for people when they ask (it tends to be a chore instead of a joy, and I have enough chores) but I do make gifts now and again that might not be exaclty to my tastes.

My boyfriend's mother is visiting later this month and I wanted to make her something... I don't know too much about her preferences, but I've been told she likes frogs.  I planned on going the ceramics route and throwing a bowl or mug, digging deep for my inner artist and sculpting a frog to it, but moving got in the way, so I defaulted back to sewing.

Craftsy has lots of affordable patterns, and then there are the free ones, which bring me so much joy!  I found a few paper pieced frog patterns online, but I couldn't really beat this one which is free and adorable.  The description mentions how the lady found the art in German, and deconstructed it into a pattern. It says intermediate difficulty, but I think if you have any experience with paper piecing you'd find it pretty doable.

I changed the size down to an 8" square, am adding a border, quilting it, and turning it into a box pouch.  I haven't done any free motion quilting or made any pouches for over a year so I'm sure I'll have some madcap adventures in seam ripping coming up!  I want to put googly eyes on it, but I'm not sure the recipient would find that as amusing as I would. :(

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