Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fabric Panels for Windows

Aaahhh the sweet smell of privacy.

Did you know you can give yourself privacy with fabric?   I'd forgotten. Several years ago I did research for cheap fixes for the lack of drapes in a rental, and  found you can put fabric up, with spray starch.  And it's cheap!  You can even make your own starch if you didn't go a bit bonkers and buy a 3 pack of starch you didn't really need like I did some years ago..

Tula Pink's Meteor Shower
In that rental, I just cut out sheet pieces to size, I'm a bit more upscale this time.  Admittedly I don't love my choices.  I mixed and matched Liberty of London bits for my front door, and I'll probably change it soon. I'm not exactly a floral print sort of girl. 

I just traced the shapes with paper for templates, then cut the fabric out.  I sprayed starch on the glass and and the light fabric just stayed right where I put it while I sprayed another heavy mist on top. It's a bit lopsided since it's temporary, but *shrug*.

I thought I'd do a window in the kitchen while I was at it, after I forgot to close the blinds and found myself being surprised by my neighbor pretty nearby in his yard (I was wearing clothes though, phew!)  I chose Tula Pink's Birds & Bees Meteor Shower in Cinnamon, but will probably switch to something less opaque soon once my fabric is all unpacked, since I could use as much light as possible in the room I spend so much time in!

Heavier cotton fabric means it's good to spray the window AND douse the fabric with starch before you put it on the glass.

A squeegee can help you work out any air bubbles, and if you're a bit off in your measuring you can carefully use an Exacto knife to trim any excess.

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