Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ali stops procastinating and finishes an embroidery she's been working on forEVER

I am not, by my definition, an artist. I'm not saying I am not creative, but I have no talent for drawing, painting, sketching, carving. 

Julie Filipenko's "Veggie Friends"
However there are lots of artists out there who have art that I see and feel FEELS about.  I think a lot about the ethics of taking another person's art and turning it into an embroidery.  I feel OK with it because I make it to hang on my wall, but I know it's not an untouchy subject.

I've bought art from some of them. Some I'll never buy from because they are outside my price range, some don't sell their art even if I want it, or it's old or I find it uncredited and can't find the source.  Some I know I like today but won't like next year, and some... well I don't actually love the it in the media it was in originally, and have a twist I want to put on it.  
I've embroidered things from most medias - my success at translating isn't always amazing but enough of them turn out that I enjoy it.

 I always try to give credit and link to where the art can be bought if I can find it.

Julie Filipenko is from Israel, and has a charming slightly dark sense of style and a TON of talent and art to see on the internet.  I'm actually working on another of her sketches to, that involves a nifty bunny magician.  She used to sell on Etsy but the links to her store go to a dead link now - She sells some on Arsty, and it is very true I will not be affording it.

I made the kitty more happy-go-lucky, and the rabbit pissy as hell. I have this odd feeling I should've sewn actual feathers on the cat's head and I wish I'd been dinking around with watercolors or pastels when I started this, but I'm pleased anyway. I'm going to continue to be mystified at the art being titled "Veggie Friends" though, even if there's some random roots rolling around the original....

glittery eyeball doesn't show up so well on the Iphone!

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