Monday, December 10, 2012

Star Blossom Paper Piecing

Hallway's too narrow to get a straight on shot of course


This Star Blossom block is a project from the Handstitched Class that Rachel @ Stitched in Color teaches.  (Shes opening registration for her classes again January 1st, I highly recommend you try her Handstitched class if you have any interest, I'll be taking her Curves one if I can)

This is paper pieced, sewn onto fabric and mounted on a 16"x20" canvas ( to do with as your imagination dictates).  I certainly did a better job on it than I did my first two attempts at paper piecing!

This is the second item I've sewn onto fabric & mounted on a canvas, and this one doesn't lay perfectly flush against the background fabric, but I am still pretty happy with it and I'll like it more when I get around to painting my walls beige ;)  Not sure about my fabric choices, I still have a lot to learn about that subject.

The piece in the middle was supposed to be more off center to show the other elements on it a bit more, but instead it just looks like I was trying to center the flower and sucked at it :)

unmounted and finished
Speaking of fabric, , I realized my carpentry skills aren't good enough to tackle my own cubby storage right now like I planned, so I got two ClosetMaid storage units from Lowe's.

 My stash was getting a bit unwieldy as I was keeping it in a stack of plastic bins, which of course always had at least one cat sleeping on the top lid so I couldn't get to it.  These aren't the best storage solution (had to turn them on their sides for the fabric to fit in this way) but they'll work for the time being and were not that expensive all things considered ($45 each).

One unit is being used for prewashed  fabric (I stopped prewashing 6 months ago) and I'm thinking I better really delve into the prewashed to make some room since I couldn't fit all my non washed fabric in... I'm hoping that having it all visible will uh...keep me from buying more?


  1. Wow!! You've finished your Star Blossom Wall Art and it's pretty!! Great fabric and colour choices, Ali. Was it difficult to stretch the canvas onto the frame? I've yet to applique mine onto the canvas!
    I'm planning on taking curve class too, guess we'll be 'classmates' again if there's a spot for me when I get back from my holidays.
    Great fabric stash, by the way!

    1. It was actually really simple, the only sticky spot was the fabric being a bit bulky at the corners, but I just folded it like you'd wrap a Christmas present and it sits pretty flat.

      Seriously if I could make a full wall of cubbies, I have a bad feeling I'd have them filled by the end of next year ;)

  2. Love the Star Blossom. The flower is awesome. It doesn't look like you messed up, either. You can see the little leaves peeking out (and I'm happy it's not perfectly centered, that would be boring).

    I hear you on the fabric front. I have to get mine organized so I can fully acknowledge that I DO NOT need to buy any more (right now it's just a pile on my dining room table--so shameful!).

  3. Your star blossom looks great!! And I have shelves for all my fabric. I keep moving yarn to make room for more fabric!! It's way out of control and I have to organize it after almost every project! Your stash looks great! One question - why separate the washed from the unwashed? Does it make any difference to your projects? Thanks!

    1. I decided to stop prewashing quilting fabric after reading Rachel's post here

      Quilting fabric shrinks 2-3 % Flannel 6% on up. I think in the couple projects I've mixed them it might be a little more ripply, but I might be projecting, or I might just be lazy about precise seam allowances ;)

      Mainly I have found it's a bit easier to work with it this way, and it's awesome to not do all that extra ironing!