Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas just might not be so bad after all.

I am going to admit something - I opened a present early.  My husband and I were wrapping each others presents his parents sent us so we'd have that whole unwrapping presents experience.  UPS dropped a box off and I brought it inside - from the return label I knew just what it was, so I put it back outside so when he got home he'd see it and smuggle it upstairs so he could wrap it, but instead it went something like this.

Him "Honey there's a box here!"
Me "Mmmhmmm"
Him "Will you come see what it is?"
Me "Its a box"
Him "Well duh, can you come see what it is?"
Me "Sigh, it's a present for me and you were supposed to take it upstairs and wrap it"
Him "Well I can go wrap it"
Me "Screw it, I'm opening it up and using it since I know what it is and I wanted to get to work on some hand quilting"

His parents got me a QSnap Floor Frame, and boy it would've been useful for most of the quilts I've made this year, I didn't realize how handy it would be.   So, I cheated on Christmas (sorry Mom!) but I got a lot of progress made on one of my quilts!  Uh, and apparently immediately and unwittingly provided the cats with another cat bed.

After Christmas I got to do some fabric folding, I had four bundles from The Intrepid Thread, I'd bought Notting Hill in the magenta colorway and a few other prints, then won Notting Hill in teal from FiberofAllSorts (yay!) and my SIL got me Frippery in warms and Floressence in Lumine Scent.  Seriously I just want to leave the fabrics there to look at for the next month but I have ironing to do!

So even though I don't like Christmas as a commercial holiday since that's not the point of it - I can't argue with having awesome things for sewing.  I am ashamed that all those stacks of FQ's are not keeping me from being aware there are a lot more fabrics that have come out recently that I want too.  Patience grasshopper...


  1. Oh what a lovely pile of fabrics they are! So happy these arrived! Yeah for Intrepid Thread ♥

    Can't wait to see what you do with these - but all in good time :)

  2. I know, can you stand it??? I want to buy so many of the new things out...but so many things for ME to finish now that the gift season is over!! Pretty fabrics!

  3. This is soooo something one of my two cats would do !!
    It's like a HUGE cat bed for him/her !!