Saturday, September 13, 2014

Night Sky Quilt Top by Jaybird Quilts

Phew, you'd think I'm not getting any sewing done, but I am.  Maybe even too much sewing! Branching out to clothes again though - trying to implement some skills I've learned from craft sewing into garments

A few days ago I finished a Night Sky quilt top. I made it for someone I love, so that's always harder than making something for myself. Like.. higher standards, and working with desires I may not agree with!

It came together in fits and starts, I put it away for awhile, not loving how I was choosing the colors (or maybe not liking the colors in the first place)  but winter is going to be here any minute and er... although one quilt doesn't make that much of a difference when it's cold out, it cant hurt!

Wasabi supervising
I hadn't had a strong desire to make this, but  took a trip with my husband last spring to the Washington peninsula.  We stopped at a quilt shop along the way that we came upon (unexpectedly I swear!!!) as we had lunch on the drive over.  Luckily it had some great stuff in it, and I got the Night Sky pattern and the sidekick ruler to go along with it. (I already have her Hex N More ruler, as she's local and all :)

Bad news is when I started cutting this pattern out, I um.. didn't read any directions and just started cutting pieces out with the ruler.  That means my stars ended up larger than they were meant to be.  Good news is that meant less stars, so the quilt top only took like uh.. 30+ hours to finish compared to how long more stars would have. I imagine it would've been a lot worse if I'd made smaller stars, but maybe a lot better if I planned knew what I needed and cut everything out at once.

good vs evil
Err, as I didn't read any directions  I sewed the whole stars together instead of half stars. Don't do that if you want ease in sewing together, unless you are awesome at y seams.

I'm not and although some of mine came together beautifully, others were.. well... let's just say I hope everybody who sees this in person is drunk and not paying attention!

I would've liked to make this with a lighter background.  I also went a bit crazy on the brights with last years moda's bundle of new colors... they had some day glow choices, that's for sure!I don't know that I'll make this again, but I'm sure going to play around with the sidekick ruler more.

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  1. Hey, you can quilt that out, right??? I love the dark background and the awesome colors you used for this quilt!!! Yeah, making a quilt for someone other than ourselves is difficult, but it does push us to improve our skills!