Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Picking your own birthday presents is the win. Moving is not.

Intrepid Thread - Alison Glass Sun Prints fabric club
I haven't made too much progress in the last month due to a sudden move being planned.  Most everything sewing related is packed up except the king sized quilt I've been working on, and all my embroidery supplies.  The new place has a nice living room with three large windows, and that's going to be my new sewing space, so I'm looking forward to it!

Back when Julie posted this on her blog, I fell more than a bit in love with the feathers print so I immediately took a closer look to see how to get my hands on some this very second and was chagrined that they wont actually start shipping until August.  Nevertheless I like almost all the prints and colors of this fabric club, so got the FQ version as a birthday gift.
I just dig the bright colors and text prints, and I need blenders, so yeah - what could top this? (other than going with the half yard option) I'm looking forward to getting a monthly fix, but I suppose I should starting figuring out just what I want to make....  Oh, and I should go change my address with Julie so it ships to the new place...

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  1. Man, you were smart. As each new print comes out, I regret not signing up. I plan to get as much Corsage as I can!