Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Picasso Mickey Mini

When Ellison Lane posted about the 2013 Modern Mini Quilt Challenge, I got excited - I missed the one last year and  I  Hell yes, it means I won't be working on something for months. And don't look at me that husband looked at it and said it looked like a Picasso Mickey Mouse, and since it's a Minnie challenge (YES I JUST MADE A CRAPPY PUN) and I'm sure not going to ever come up with names for anything I make..I'm going with it.

My inspiration came from this lovely building.  I considering recreating it in the form it is, with squares and rectangles.  However, I've been making lots of english paper pieced hexies for an ongoing lap quilt, and I thought I'd try my hand at making something with EPP hexagaons, trapezoids, diamonds and triangles.

I used a variety of Kona and Kaffe Fasset shot cotton solids for the "building", Riley Blake shaded cotton in slate for the background and Essex linen in Steel for the binding.  I went a LOT liberal with my color choices because frankly, I didn't have anything quite right.

I've got to figure out how to securely fold/tuck under the seam allowance around the edges when I do EPP, I had a bit of trouble at a couple corners.  Of course one of the lovely blogs I follow posted some great tips about the subject right after I finished and I can't find the link to it.  Something to do with those mini irons.

Accuracy is something I don't seem capable of,  there was a lot of seam ripping along the way and a few more things I should've redone.  If I didn't know better I'd think I'd been drinking and sewing around some of those triangular corners!

Nevertheless it's weird and not what I had in my head at ALL, and I'm OK with that!  It's a good reminder to take things slower and put projects down for a day or two so I can look at them with fresh eyes and fix anything that needs to be fixed.  This mini quilt finished at an "almost-square" 11 inches.  And again I didn't leave myself a way to hang it ;)


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