Monday, August 11, 2014

Ahhh..fabricking and soaping

My mysterious fabric for my sisters quilt was found, it was  PURE - STOF of Denmark - Burst Stripe in Purple and Grey.  It was found because Julie of The Intrepid Thread is awesome and when she couldn't ID it she put up a post about it, where it was recognized, and some total stranger named Anita in California happened to have some that she just up and mailed to me because *sniffle* people who sew are awesome.

This is where I tell anybody who ever wanders across this post that my ongoing review of her store is like.. BUY FROM HER.  Anita sent a total stranger some fabric because she thinks Julie is awesome and is also presumably really nice.  Julie is giving Anita some fabric because Anita was nice to me.  I am going to win the lottery so I can buy more fabric, and hopefully come up with something nice to do back for Anita.

This gave me an excuse to buy more fabric from her, and I have been excited about Indelible and I'm always short on green and low volume so there ya go.  As always shipping was fast, customer service was excellent, and FYI, they enclose a couple charm squares with each order, usually fabrics I haven't considered, and I love adding them to my stack of charm squares and pulling them out as needed for patchwork. 

I also started making soap this last weekend because I really do want to learn a new skill or two a year.  This is getting wordy enough that I'll put most of it in a new post.  I just realized this might be hereditary from my mother.   I remember her making macrame, embroidery, sewing clothes and quilts, making candles, canning, making jewelry...


  1. I saw the Intrepid Thread post with the mystery fabric and thought I was going nuts seeing a double post by you. (though I am nutty)

    You deserve to have such a nice surprise from a stranger. I still remember the sweet fabric gift you gave me out of the blue and what a great pick me up it was.

    1. Aww thanks! It got too hot to sew much (86F inside) so typing it was ;)

  2. You forgot crocheting, cake decorating and candy making (which is harder for me here because of the temperature and altitude) fudge seems to get big sugar lumps in it. But in the 20 or so years since you grew up and moved out, I will admit to trying a dozen or 2 new hobbies and I'm sure there are more in the future.