Friday, May 4, 2012 Review

This was my second ever quiltcentric fabric order.  In early in April I decided to order from, partially because they carry fat quarter bundles, partially because they had a great sale going on.  They have a really lovely selection, and had a lot of fun browsing to decide what I'd get.  I was choosing fabric for a quilt I'm starting for a Christmas present, and the two bundles I settled on are pictured below.

Aneela Hoey, Walk In The Woods, Blue Bell Poppy
Besides the FQ bundles, I also ordered several other half yards.  Shipping was quick with priority mail, and the items were well packaged.
I did have a couple of problems with the Aneela Hoey Bundle. It was supposed to consist of 15 fat quarters - it was missing one fabric, but had doubles of two otheres, so it had 16 FQ's instead.  I emailed about this and got a fast response from their shop, and a replacement for the missing fabric within a few days.        
The 2nd problem was with the "Birdie Icing" (6th fabric down on the left).  which was on top of the bundle.  The exposed top was yellowed with age or sun exposure.  They only had two bundles left at the time, so it might have been sitting on a shelf for quite awhile.  It affected maybe 10% of the FQ.

Fabricworm Custom Bundle, Mod Bird
I'd order from them again, as even with the bundle issues they had great customer service.  I didn't mention the discoloration of the Birdie Icing to Fabricworm, but I don't doubt they would have replaced it if I had.
I wanted to mention one more thing that might be helpful to know.  Their FQ bundles have the fabric folded into rectangles that I think were about 4 by 8 inches or so. That meant a lot of ironing, and some of the creases were too stubborn to get out 100% (you know who I'm talking about Kona cotton).  I imagined this folding stacked method was the norm for fabric shops until I got my FQ bundle from which was much easier to work with.  Review of that to follow.

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